A Massage Treatment


The clinic is equipped with a warm, modern and relaxing massage treatment room.

Before the treatment begins the masseur will ask a few questions to ensure that there are no contraindications to massage. This may mean that certain areas of the body should be avoided.

  • All treatments are tailored to the specific needs of the patient.
  • Different degrees of treatment are used and hand pressure may be very light or very firm.
  • The patient will be covered with a towel during the treatment and only the area of the body being massaged will be bare.
  • A removal of some of the patient's clothes will be necessary. To ensure professional and ethical practise, correct towel draping is adopted.
  • The comfort and dignity of the patient is observed at all times.
  • When necessary, a light massage oil will be used.



Massage Gift Vouchers

Stuck for ideas for that birthday present or for Christmas? Know someone who could really do with a massage but never quite gets round to organising it? Treat them to a half or full massage (£40/£60) with David Hudson. Pick up a gift voucher from reception or give us a call.