The Orthotic Group Insoles

These custom made insoles are extremely thin – generally 2, 3 or 3.5mm base – and unobtrusive. There are twenty or so types available. For the most part our customers seem to prefer the SuperFlex or SportFlex, which are exceptional general purpose orthotics.

The more specific type of insoles provided by TOG include

  • DiabeticFlex. Relieves high pressure areas, prevents the formation of ulcers, 3 layer memory foam.
  • DressFlex – for slim-fitting or narrow slip-on shoes.
  • CourtFlex – Relieves achilles tendon strain. Designed for high performance basketball/court players.
  • RunFlex – for athletic footwear and high performance running shoes.
  • SoccerFlex – the name says it all.
  • KidsFlex - Extra deep heel cup to accommodate the larger fat pad found on the heel of young children.
  • SafetyFlex – designed for steel toe/composite safety boots.


Sandals? Due to their open nature, sandals and insoles generally don't get on but TOG do provide a range of sandals with the prescription orthotic built-in.